Monday 9 November 2009

Clox on Sox - Christmas Infinity Download

I made a resolution this year that I would be better prepared for Christmas. I don't know if November is too late to start, but it is better than January. Over the year I have been squirrelling away special little delights to give as gifts, so I am not starting from square one, which is a great boost. A couple of weekends ago, while looking through some 16th century pattern books, I found some lovely patterns for stocking clocks, and I thought what could be a better decoration for Christmas Stockings than some pretty Renaissance clocks? It took me a weekend to make these in between other work, so if you are looking for inspiration for a gift exchange, then here you are. I have made up some scrolls of linen and thread to go with little patterns I have designed, and there are punch spices, little tubes of gold needles, and then all it will need is a walnut or almond for the toe! If you would like an Infinity PDF and JGG download to make your own for $8, just click here.
(You might not be able to see on your screen, but the pattern comes with sock outlines for the clock designs.) There is an on line German museum dedicated to hosiery:
click here to visit.

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