Thursday 19 November 2009

Perpetually Engaging Diary Now Available Worldwide Post Free

Although we have copies of the diary out in stores from Canada to Australia there are many requests from those of you in parts of the world without needlework stores and who cannot obtain copies. If you cannot get hold of a copy, you can now buy here. (If you are in doubt whether there is a stockist near you - just email me and I will pass you on to a store if there is one in your country - it is important to support needlework stores.) Just click here for one copy or on the header bar above if you would like two copies or a Special Diary and Ackworth School Memory Book package.

I had the loveliest experience the last time I stayed with Elizabeth Feller - she was stitching one of the projects in the Perpetually Engaging Diary for her grandson as a present!

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