Saturday 14 November 2009

¡ Enhorabuena !

Lovely to hear from Mayté Bermúdez-García, Head Girl for Spanish speaking SALers, who has just finished her Mary Wigham. She says: I'm very happy to send you the picture of my finished Mary Wigham Sampler. I used linen 40ct in color flax and silk threads from Splendor, was done 1x2. The final stitched piece is 15" h x 15 1/4 w.

And here you can admire Mayté's disciplined stitching from the reverse.

These last pictures are the sampler stitched by Anna Bustins from Spain. She has used linen Cashel and threads from DMC and Crescent Colours.
¡Viva, Viva Mary Wigham!


  1. Two very beautiful finishes by Mayté and Anna. Mayté's front and back look alike and exhibits wonderful stitching technique.

  2. I wonder if Mayte was taught to stitch like this at school? I was taught some stitching at school but the teacher was only interested in what the front looked like and so we stitched on oblivious of what the back looked like....

  3. Jacqueline, thanks for posting our pictures, Anna is so thrilled to see her sampler in your blog.

    Nobody teach me how to stitch in cross stitch. I learned from different people and them, after many years praticing, I created my own method about 15 years ago. I called Continental Traditional English Method, because is similar to the english method. Now I teach other people to use it.

    Thanks for your compliments :)

  4. Two more very beautiful finishes of Mary Wigham! Mayte, your stitching is magnifcent! I try to keep my backs as neat as possible, but yours are exceptional!