Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Worked Aged 28 & More Interesting Samplers @ Auction

Lot 140 at Rowley's Auctioneers on 19 November is a 19th century needlework sampler by Mary Ann Johncock, it is dated 1841 and Mary Ann tells us she was aged 28. We have sometimes seen samplers where the date of working has been subsequently changed to throw a veil over the worker's current age. It might be possible that the age on this has been changed to make the needleworker appear younger in later age - however it is not unknown for samplers to be worked by mature women. This sampler is framed and glazed and measures 31 cms x 32.5 cms. It has an estimate of: £300 - £400

Also at Rowley's is Lot 144 another 19th century needlework sampler by Mary Ann Newton, dated 1839. It is interesting to note the two octagonal cartouches with Quaker motifs to either side. It is framed and glazed and measures 41cms x 43 cms.  The estimate is: £300 - £500

Lot 145, also at Rowleys, one more 19th century sampler by Elizabeth Drews and dated 18** Framed and glazed it measures 31 cm x 42 cms. Estimate: £300 - £500. For more details of the Rowley's auctions click here.

Lot 537 is for auction at Thomas Watson of Darlington on 19 November 2014. It is an early Victorian needlework sampler, worked by Mary Blakeways, dated 1844, and inscribed Cottage School Holt Preen Shropshire. It is in a maple frame and measures 40cm by 40cm. The estimate: £100 - £200. Click here for more details.
Although the cottage school is probably long gone, Mary (and perhaps her parents before her) would no doubt have clambered on the ancient oak at Holt Preen - it is a famous and venerable tree.

At Bellmans Auctioneers on 6 November is a pair of samplers worked by two sisters. Lot 1987 - a 19th century sampler is emblazoned with the Royal standard above The Ten commandments within a floral border. It was worked by Katherine Sheriff, is framed and glazed, and measures 42cm  x 37cm. Estimate: £100 - £150
Lot 1988 is an almost identical sampler worked by Margaret Sheriff. It too is framed and glazed, measures 42 x 37cm and has an estimate of £100 - £150. For more details about the Bellmans auction, click here.

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  1. Nice to know they enjoyed stitching in later life