Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chatelaines @ Augusta Auctions * Landmark on the Park, Manhattan * 13 November 2013

Augusta Auctions, well-known for their fashion and textile auctions, have another auction scheduled for 13 November - in and amongst the wonderful items (you can browse the catalogue by clicking here) what caught my eye this time are some rather special chatelaines. Lot 8 has an estimate of $200-$300. It is a late 19th century European example. Composed of gold metal with blue, red, & white enamel. The center piece has 5 chain drops consisting of 1 pencil, 1 writing tablet, 1 button hook, 1 perfume vial, 1 mirror case, (mirror & enamel pencil case missing) very good as is.

Lot 3 has an estimate of $100-$300 and is a late 19th century European example made from sterling silver. The ornate center medallion has 5 drops consisting of 1 tape measure (missing tape), 1 pencil, 1 writing tablet, 1 button hook (broken) & 1 oval case with 2 compartments, very good as is.

Lot 4 has an estimate of $200-$400 and is a sterling silver example from America dated 1889. It comprises a horshoe medallion with repousee horsehead, 5 drops - 1 fish-shaped vial, 1 horse whip, 1 horseshoe-shaped compartment with horsehead, 1 horseshoe-shaped writing tablet with Native American portrait, 1 floral decorated pencil (possibly replacement).

Lot 6 has an estimate of $200-$300 and is a late 19th century European gold, sewing chatelaine comprising a medallion with repousee of Neptune, 3 sewing-related drops consisting of 1 thimble case, 1 needle case, 1 large case with sewing implements & tiny tools, excellent.

Lot 5 has an estimate of $200-$300 and is a late 19th century English sterling silver chatelaine with 1 center medallion having portraits in relief & British touch marks, 3 drops consisting of 1 monogrammed mesh purse, 1 globe-shaped watch - still working! and 1 small book-shaped case, excellent. For more auction details click here.

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