Monday 19 August 2013

Samplers @ Holdsworth House

About a year ago I booked a Yorkshire mansion for a special family gathering in Yorkshire and we were all looking forward to spending time together and celebrating a special birthday. You can imagine what a feat of planning it takes to get all the family members - young and old - together at any one time. So, I was hugely disappointed when my booking was cancelled by the property owners a couple of months before the big day. I searched and searched for somewhere in the right locality that could hold us all - with no joy at all. It looked like we would have to settle for a hotel and my heart sank because I was really looking for a special place with personality where we could be a little informal together. In effect, I was looking for a second home.
And - surprise - that is what a final last search turned up. A lovely 17th century hotel, just outside of Halifax in Yorkshire that was called, auspiciously Holdsworth House. And not only was it called Holdsworth House, it was on Holdsworth Road, in Holdsworth! This place could be no other than our ancestral seat and I felt so right in my bones about it.

And my instincts were right. It was a perfect place in every way. We were greeted with a glass of wine (as is everyone) upon arrival. The staff are warm, helpful but not intrusive. The rooms are gorgeous, the knot gardens are a delight and the food was exquisite. The only downside was having to leave...

I almost forget to tell you - there are samplers on the walls! Can you see some of them on the far wall above the settee? And I have to say that if you are thinking of gathering for a stitching retreat that will put you not far from visits to Ackworth School, The Bronte Parsonage, the brilliant textile collection at the Bankfield Museum, this is the perfect venue. And also for a special romantic weekend. I shall be back! Click here for more details of Holdsworth House.


  1. What an incredible find !
    The samplers on the wall would have delighted me.
    Beutiful home.