Tuesday 27 August 2013

Barbara's Patchwork Quilt Slip - Can You Help?

I had a very interesting email last week from Barbara from the Yorkshire Branch of the Embroiderers Guild. She was very interested in our post on the forthcoming sale of Diane Pelham Burn's samplers at Dreweatts on 30 August 2013 - particularly the pieces that comprise Lot 46 - 4 framed sets of mounted slips (see next image below) .  She asked me if I knew of other examples and if the ones in Lot 46 had been cut from a larger piece or had been made specifically for applique. The reason for Barbara's questions is that she is researching the patchwork piece above which has a very similar sort of applique. I have seen slips before - but earlier ones, so I cannot offer much help - but maybe you have seen something like these pieces before and can help. If so please click on the flying angel on the right hand side panel and let me know (or leave a comment) and I'll pass all your information direct to Barbara. Thank you.
PS. Did you notice on the piece below that the two motifs in the bottom corners are the same and the one above these are almost the pattern too?
And below you can see the whole glorious quilt that Barbara is researching.

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