Monday 12 August 2013

Free Giveaway Draw Winner - Mary Garry's Millenium ABC * Perseids Ankle

Have you ever come down steps and forgotten about the bottom one? Last night we were out on the lawn at 3am to view the Perseids meteor shower and when I came back down the lawn steps in the early dawn I did just that - I now have one foot and one blue flipper. But the good news is that the winner of this week's hugely popular draw is ... Nicole - I am waiting for an address for her. There are still copies of the chart available for $6 at and


  1. It is happeden to me! I vas on vacation at the Gargonza Castle (near Arezzo). Leaving the restaurant enchanted by the moon I have not seen a step. I hit my knee on the stones... what a pain

  2. Hope you heal quickly and are able to enjoy traveling the rest of the summer. "Blue flipper" makes you sound like a mermaid!

  3. Poor Rosella! But it is wonderful you were enchanted by the moon. I think my blue flipper is more walrus than mermaid - but hey who is to say that walruses aren't enchanting either!?

  4. Perseid's Ankle--Best. Band. Name. EVER!