Tuesday 6 August 2013

Lapzussen at Liberty In Oxford Ashmolean

Erica in Belgium sent me a wonderful report and photos of a recent visit by the Lapzussen (Sampler Sisters) to see the early embroideries in Oxford's Ashmolean museum.

The Lapzussen were greeted by Jude Barrett who welcomed them to the Museum and took them to the study room where, with another two assistants, Jude was able to show and talk about the pieces set out for them all to see.

Erica says that they had very good close-up viewing and the assistants opened the frog-purse to let them see inside, and also turned the pieces over so they could see the reverse sides. They were all rather astonished at the bright colours of the reverses. And not that tidy by the looks of it - take heart embroiderers of the world!


  1. Hello Jacqueline
    On the moment we are together with the Lapzussen and we saw your wonderful blog about our fabulous trip. Greetings from all of us.

  2. What a wonderful name - lapzussen. I wish I could have been there with you.

  3. How lucky can one be to see such a beautiful piece!