Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Help Holburne Museum Raise £5,000 For This Stuart Beadwork Basket

Needleprint has just donated and I hope you will be able to find something spare to add to the fund to make sure that this wonderful basket stays with the museum. Over £1,000 of the necessary £6,000 has already been raised, but the money does need to be in by July. This quite extraordinary basket made entirely from thousands of tiny glass beads - it is exquisitely made, historically fascinating, irresistibly charming and slightly mad. Made in England in the seventeenth century it has much in common with the Holburne's wonderful collection of seventeenth-century embroideries, but where they have faded, here the glass beads retain their astonishingly vibrant colours. There are a few other such baskets in existence, but none are as splendid as this example and none, that we know, have the glass heads and hands of the king and queen at its centre. To find out more and make a kind contribution, click here. To see the video appeal, click here. Thank you for your support. And many thanks to Lynne Roche for bringing this to our attention.

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