Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Even Vets In Their Onesies Do It!

Some of you know that my great-niece is in Vet school - at the moment she's working hard on her dissertation. Unthinkable in my day, she boards in a mixed house. The other day she grabbed these shots going through the living room of Ed, one of the other Vet students, knitting. This aroused such interest, that now they are all now knitting or learning to knit. Ed was taught to knit by his granny. Isn't that wonderful - that a grandson was taught to knit, that he bothered himself to learn, still remembers and can show others how a Teletubby does it? (PS Just heard my great niece has achieved her first degree and is now enlisted to study for a Master's degree.)

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  1. I think it's just great that a young chap is happy to knit and also to teach others - it's such a therapeutic craft.