Monday, 20 May 2013

Free Draw - Norfolk Wherry Cross Stitch Kit

The Wherry was once a common sight on the Norfolk Broads - strange, ancient inland waterways that are now a tourist attraction. The large, shallow boats - around 50 feet long and 15 broad - made excellent cargo-carriers.

With the coming of railways and better roads for transportation of the goods, the wherries were converted into pleasure boats. Nowadays, they are seldom seen at all, having falling into disrepair over the many years. However, a number have been restored thanks to wherry enthusiasts and craft like the Albion, the wherry pictured in this kit, can still be seen. To see them gliding through the low flat Norfolk landscape is truly one of the loveliest sights I know.
Simply click on the flying angel below to enter and I'll announce a winner next week, 27 May 2013. Good Luck!

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