Sunday, 12 May 2013

Anne Mary Johnstone's Needlework Collection

Ann Mary Johnstone was a passionate collector of needlework and was so pleased to share her beautiful items with anyone who was interested. I first met her when I was speaking at an Embroiderer's Guild meeting and was in awe at her knowledge - in fact, I rather wish we'd all been listening to her and not me! Sadly, Ann Mary died last year. It was most fitting that Ann Mary had no coffin, but was wrapped in a hand-made shroud, decorated with individually crafted flowers and leaves made by fellow members of Haddenham Witchert WI and the Embroiderers' Guilds in Aylesbury and Yorkshire, and assembled by her daughter Cluny. In a tribute to Ann Mary, the Rev Helen Barnes mentioned that Ann Mary had started training as an occupational therapist in mid-life and taught crafts to disabled people. She was a very creative person and had embroidered the beautiful altar frontal which happened to be in use on the day of the funeral. She was an active member of the Aylesbury Embroiderers' Guild and was chairman at the time of her death. She made greetings cards and marmalade for the WI's Thame Country Market and served on the stall every Tuesday, as well as making cakes for Haddenham Darby and Joan club. She loved ballroom dancing and attended tea dances in Haddenham and Thame (and previously at the Civic Centre in Aylesbury). In addition she was a steward at Haddenham Museum, a regular helper (along with her son Dickon) at Snakemoor local nature reserve work mornings, a stalwart on the Haddenham Horticultural Show committee (as well as a regular exhibitor) and a member of the Witchert Warblers, which sang to raise money for charity. This month her needlework collection was sold at auction and here you can see a sample of the many precious items which belonged to her.

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  1. Some people stay always on the background. It will comfort the family to read your hommage to her here.

    It feels a bit of sade watching the pictures of her collection. With lots of love and effort put together and now been gone...

    But she touched your heart and you're carrying a lovely memory of her with you...