Friday 7 December 2012

The Thimble Society - Thimbles, Buttons, Chatelaines, Samplers & More!

It was quite a serendipitous discovery (as all delightful discoveries must be) to find a letter which had gone astray in my in-box. I was able to redirect it and in so doing learned that the sender was Bridget McConnel. And of course I simply just had to ask if she was THE Bridget McConnel.

Bridget McConnel is the author of a number of books on needlework tools - particularly thimbles. So we chatted as needlework people do and Bridget directed me to her web-site - The Thimble Society.

This wonderful site is full of not just thimbles, but needlework tools and accessories in all their varieties.

And as you can see there are also samplers! Click here to pop in to visit the Thimble Society.

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