Thursday 6 December 2012

European Needlepoint - Sinterklaus Regrets!

There is a delightful shop on one of the main shopping streets in the heart of Old Vienna that specializes in petit point miniatures. Here you can see some examples from their store window. For almost 100 years, this small shop, which is one of the oldest shops on Kärntnerstraße, has been in the possession of Kovacec family for three generations. In the 1960s, Ms. Annegrit Kovacec decided to focus exclusively on the sale of the finest embroidery – petit point.

The artistic richness of Petit Point Kovacec consists of a vast number of hand painted patterns, which serve as the basis for manufacturing the embroidery. Each pattern is a masterpiece in itself, showing floral and figural scenes that almost always have been painted a century ago. This guarantees the authenticity of Petit Point embroidery. The needlework is produced in the surroundings of Vienna. Each piece requires passion, patience and a high level of dexterity in order to achieve perfection as you can see from the detail below. Mail order from their internet site is avaialble. For more information - click here.

For those of you expecting Sinterklaus today, go easy with him - he might be somewhat delayed. He was a bit the worse for wear when we last spotted him.