Saturday 29 December 2012

Catherine's Landscape Mirror

Catherine from Virginia created this miniature landscape masterpiece. I am so impressed how she has conceived the design to include the metal of the compact's case. It beguiles the viewer with a number of interpretations - it could be a mirror in itself hidden by trees, or it could suggest the silver of a quite lake surrounded by wooded hills. She has created a number of distinct planes which give a very interesting dimensional quality to her work. So much thought has been given to the interpretation of foliage too. As a photographer, I was taught one should always have red in the frame - and here you can see how Catherine has lifted her tree to balance the suggestion of red flowers lower down and to the right. The trunks of the trees are detached and are delightfully mirrored. I think you will agree that Catherine is a very skilled practitioner of her art. 

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