Monday 24 December 2012

Silent Night

Oh, goodness me, there is nothing like this song for bringing back the happiest of childhood Christmas memories. There was this wonderful calm that descended on Christmas Eve after a week or more (it seemed) of constant activity and flurry of dusters and brasso and baking so the whole house shone from top to bottom and was filled with delicious homely smells. The best crockery and glasses were brought out and set on the cloths which I had proudly embroidered with my sisters and mother. Then it was all ready and we gathered as a family to sit and smile and feel good about what we had done together. Now we could let be. And my mother would play this Kathleen Ferrier record and I knew for certain that angels were all around us. May the angels spread their wings around you tonight, wherever you are, and share their peace. My special love tonight goes to Rudolf and Gisela in Germany.