Saturday 13 October 2012

Some Delights of Bolzano Museum

Across the street from the long queues outside the newer museum which houses the man deposited out of a glacier, is the old and delightful municipal museum, filled with mannequins sporting local costumes and all manner of beautiful handicrafts like this decorated wool-carding comb.

There are exquisitely decorated everyday objects such as these little boxes

And objects of whimsy you can imagine being worked when the weather was not good enough to get out and work, like these miniature chests of straw work.
I particularly liked this special collection of embroidered belts - I don't know if you can see well enough, but the belt on the right has the name Agnes embroidered on it.

You can get to Bolzano by taking the train from Verona - pop into the Arena while you are in Verona to enjoy an opera on a balmy summer's evening with a nice glass of prosecco to hand! Travelling up to Bolzano towards the Dolomites, you pass through the most beautiful scenery, thick with vineyards famous for the Adige wines. I rate Bolzano on a par to Aix en Provence - it is one of the most wonderful towns - you can never tire of its attractive old porticoed buildings and shops, pretzel stalls, fruit markets, fine cuisine and general love of life. If you like riding bicycles, Bolzano has many for rent - often with battery packs for power-assisted pedalling - so you can take in the sights in a more leisurely manner!

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  1. Thank you so much for showing! I love Bolzano/Bozen. Next time I'll visit this museum! :)