Saturday 6 October 2012

Committed to Cloth * Retreats & Monthly Textile Classes * Betchworth, Surrey, UK

The wonderful thing about taking a class is the chance to have a natter with new class mates and discover their interests and talents. And once you start chatting, there's no stopping the rush of ideas and possibilities, you will need at least one amanuensis beside you to keep taking it all down if you are ever to finish the project you came to the class to accomplish. While on the Coptic Weaving course at West Dean earlier this year I got talking to Ingrid who pulled out her phone and started showing me pictures of her fabulous little woven baskets. And then hearing I was more into needleworking, she told me about a group that gathered together regularly near where I lived - and I hadn't even heard of them!

Committed to Cloth was started by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan in April 2000. Both are practising artists who also love to teach. Their key goal is to provide the best tutors in professional, spacious studio environments.

They don’t care how cloth is used as long as it provides the creative output for those choosing to use it. Attendees at their monthly workshops and retreats generate and use cloth for quilts, stitched textiles, textile art, clothing, soft furnishings, interior design, accessories, sculpture and even jewellery. To find out more, click here.

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