Tuesday 9 October 2012

Interesting Needlework Histories at the Novium, Chichester

Last week we went to take a look at Chichester's new museum - The Novium. Built over Roman Baths and with an emphasis on early artefacts found there, there are two galleries of themed local history to enjoy and I spotted a couple of interesting needlework exhibits which are worth a look. The first is a little book samplers made by small children from the local workhouse - the pages were opened at tiny knitted socks and I am at present investigating what there is on the other pages, if all the samplers are knitted and socks - or if there are other examples of work. The second collection of items was a 19th century layette chest full of all the necessary linens for a new born. This was a chest put together by a charitable family and it loaned to poor families at the birth of a new child. The museum is not free entry - and if you live nearby, it is worthwhile investigating the annual pass. I am oftened saddened to see that museum shops are not offering for sale items related to their collections but a general sort of slush seen in tourists shops everywhere.....

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