Tuesday 23 October 2012

A Mirror to My Art - Only A Week to Wait

This year has been a very special year for us, seeing the publication of the final volume of the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection and the announcement by the Ashmolean Museum of an exhibition of the collection in summer 2013, to be curated by Mary Brooks. At the beginning of this special Olympics year, we announced our own needlework Olympics - A Mirror to My Art - with a first prize of £500. Many of you know that Needleprint was founded with 3 aims to: open up the world of needlework, by making images of needlework more accessible; conserve needlework collections for generations to come; and promote needlework. The aim of this competition was to inspire needleworkers around the world with the objective to design and stitch a cover for a handheld mirror - the sort of mirror you might pop in a handbag. And you were certainly inspired! We had many, many entrants from all around the world - though, sadly, no juniors. The entries were finally whittled down to 20 finalists who were chosen for their skill and diversity of concept and design. If you have not yet seen the finalists, you can see them by clicking here. And now there is just a week to wait for the announcement of the winner and runners-up.......

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