Sunday 5 August 2012

The Curioser Spiegel - Free Jigsaw Download

I love this old German print entitled Der Curioser Spiegel showing a sewing school and all the details it gives. Look at the two girls at the back working on the same piece side by side and the girl at the front who is in fact stitching those horizontal bands vertically as we describe in The Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection Volume I. I rather like the hanging huswif on the back wall, too - so much to discover here, isn't there?  However, sadly, this is not going to work for Mac users. Instructions: Click here next Click Open, then click the .EXE file name and click Run, when you see the jigsaw puzzle, click Play Too many pieces? Try clicking on Trays on the top tool bar to create any number of resizeable trays to sort your pieces ........ you can also click the Cheat button and watch the puzzle solve itself! The software is by David Gray designer of Jigsaws Galore - the powerful jigsaw player and creator for Windows.

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