Friday 24 August 2012

Advance Copy of the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection Volume II Arrived Today!

In a most undignified way, I confess, we have been celebrating the arrival of the advance copy of The Micheál & Elizabeth Feller Collection Volume II (but nothing to do with billiards, that famous British holiday activity, I hasten to add.) Unbelievable, it seems to me, after the years of hard work and focus, we have tangible proof that the book is in fact real - and so very beautiful. Richard and I feel very proud indeed - though we are merely midwives and not the parent, who is the author, Elizabeth Feller. So, huge, huge congratulations to Elizabeth who wrote solidy and magnificently into many nights, describing her samplers and their stories for you to enjoy. We had originally intentioned this book as two volumes as the content is massive, but decided by publishing it as one volume we could make it more accessible. So, this volume is best described as two books in one jacket - you will find full colour images of an amazing world-class collection of 400 samplers dating from 1700 where Volume I finished, plus pinballs, huswifs and pockets and 2 charts for samplers in the jacket. The books are on their way to our warehouse right now, taking in a few world sights on their journey to us by sea from Singapore. You will be able to buy the book through your favourite shops as usual. I'll mention just 2 now to help those of you in Canada and Australia. If you are in Canada, Traditional Stitches can take your order now, and if you are in Australia, then The Crewel Gobelin is one place to make your order.


  1. Congratulations to you! I am beginning to understand all the hard work and worry and fussing that go into a book and to see one of such magnitude coming is thrilling, indeed! The entire world seems to be holding its breath waiting for this delicious volume(s), and the time is almost here - hurray!


  2. Congratulations. I've pre-ordered a copy and i can't wait for it to arrive.

  3. Congratulations! I know all of us are longing to see it.
    When will it be available to order directly from you? Or if not from you, where in Europe will have them to pre-order? I'm in Germany but have ordered directly from you in the past and will be happy to do so again.
    Liebe Grusse,

  4. I am with Kathy~ I cant wait to get my copy directly from you~ so put me on the list and let me know when it gets there!!!! CANT WAIT! Im drooling now just imagining whats inside :) rachael

  5. congratulations, can't wait to recieve my copy.