Monday 6 August 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Rock Berlin Work & Embroidery

Just in case you have spent up on the hols and don't have the spare thousand or two to accessorize your wardrobe - get your needle out now. Berlin work is THE fashion trend of the moment.

Get some low count linen and make a nice big bold statement with some berlin-work flower patterns.

You could make a simple tote with some scattered motifs - or just a small wallet for day or evening wear.

Of course, if you are really needle adverse - then find a woolwork cushion cover - old from a thrift or antique shop - or new (it will still be less than a thousand pounds I'm sure!) and reconstruct it into a simple bag. Failing all that - perhaps if you ask Father Christmas very nicely............
And just in case you think this is some localized D&G madness - here is a fabulous little frock by Valentino.... invest in needle and thread now!

1 comment:

  1. Now, where HAS that sloppy joe (sweater) with the tapestry design that I wore in the 80's gone?? ~grin~ It was quite Berlin-y, tho flat machine embroidery stuff. My nascent love of historical embroidery even back there (I didn't start embroidering until 25 years later)