Thursday 23 August 2012

Chawton House Library's Appeal for Help with Sampler Conservation

Chawton House is home of Jane Austen’s brother, Edward and was occasionally occupied by Frank Austen and his family. The Library has this sampler in their collection and are raising funds to restore it. It dates from 1830 and was stitched by Mary Pennington aged only 10 years, as Instructed by Mrs Stubbs. The Pennington sampler is an asset to the Library as they seek to contextualise the education of the period and C.18 women’s literature held here; its maker’s proficiency at age ten speaks volumes about how she filled her time, her accomplishments, tastes, and her interests. The sampler also sits alongside portraits of accomplished women of the period, and re-values work produced in the home by placing it alongside work produced professionally by writers and painters. If you would like to help them with any donations to fund this project, then do click here to go to their fund raising page. Thank you very much.


  1. This is sampler reminds me very much of the Charlotte Clayton sampler with its cats at the bottom corners. Have they ever considered raising monies by selling a reproduction chart of this beautiful sampler? It looks like another must have in a stitcher's stash!

  2. That would be a good idea Jennifer! Maybe it is a good idea to contact them and see if there is a chart?