Wednesday 15 February 2012

Linda Stitches the Entire Vierlande II Library of Motifs

Linda has just knocked me over with her stitching of the entire Vierlande II Library of Motifs. This library together with 11 mini samplers was intended more of a motif repertoire for picking and mixing, rather than being an entire sampler. But Linda had definite ideas what she intended to do. She says: It was a pleasure to stitch, and not quite as large as the Battle of Grunwald as featured on your site on 5 Feb! Astonishing work, Linda. Oh, yes, I promised Linda to tell you that there is a Stitchalong for this piece - just click here for more details.

Download this first library of rich motifs from the special Vierlande region of North Germany.

Download the second volume of the Vierlande motif library. It comes with a separate eBook containing 11 additional mini-Vierlande sampler projects for you.


  1. It is beautiful.
    I received my cards and wanted to let you know how beautiful they are.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,