Wednesday 22 February 2012

Inside the Home of England's Best Loved Sampler Dealer Erna Hiscock

Erna was a regular supporter of Ackworth events and everyone adored the sampler collection she would bring to show. We all love Erna the person too and the support she gives to the hospice movement by regularly opening her home for sampler get-togethers. I have had many happy and fun moments with her. So, it is a delight to share with you something of Erna which is in the current issue of English Homes. Like us she lives in what I like to call a Hobbit House with low beams and homely nooks and crannies. However, her walls are covered with delicious little samplers, as you can imagine. Below you might spot a couple of Bristol Orphanage samplers if you look closely.
Do look out for the magazine if you don't know it, it is very pretty. And do, do visit Erna's website to see more of her samplers - you will be delighted. Click here to pay a call and say Hello.

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  1. Thank you so much for the "heads up" on this article! I just love this magazine and found a copy today (my subscription had lapsed and I wasn't sure I'd get it in the mail). For the USA readers, the article is in the April 2012 issue and the cover is totally different than what is posted here. At first I was afraid I'd missed out, but, after perusing the pages, was delighted to find the article...this will be a "must" on our next visit to the UK!