Thursday 16 February 2012

Can You Help Solve This Mystery?

I was recently asked for help, to see if I could shed any light on this coverlet. The owner tells me that it has been in the family for several generations. It was found in a family steamer trunk. It is a folkart coverlet crafted from woolen fabric and backed with cotton. The coverlet is embellished with various designs.
She is trying to establish some historical reference regarding this style of coverlet. The embellishment has raised her curiosity. She asks if this is a map?
I am afraid I have been unable to help in this instance, but perhaps you might know something that could help. Please let us know.


  1. If there is an Australian connection ... Could it be a wagga?

  2. How interesting - can you tell us a little bit more about waggas, please?

  3. I would wonder whether the symbols are runic in any sense?