Saturday 11 February 2012

French Auctions at Duburaux, Paris

In case we seem a bit insular in our auction round ups, let me recommend Duburaux in Paris who frequently has textile sales with some very interesting items indeed. This tapestry above from the late 16th century with its lovers in a parterre brodé has many resonances with work seen in the UK.
This 18th century Indo-Portuguese table carpet is embroidered in point majolique in polychrome silk and has a central medallion with a parrot in a flowering shrub. It is surrounded by twining flower stems and four peacocks. Measuring nearly 2 meteres by 1 metre it had an estimate of €400-€600 and realized €1,900 on 6 July this year.
This worn 19th century embroidered cloth section measuring 80cm x 34cm from Fez had an estimate of €60-€80 and achieved €40 at auction.
Another example is this Ottoman Balkan linen skirt, bodice and headress of around 1900 embroidered with polychrome wool. Estimated at €80-€120 the lot sold for €180. To visit the Duburaux site, click here.

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  1. A dream...just looking at the catalogue of next auction makes me happy...