Monday 6 June 2011

You Are Stitching Heaven

I was in heaven reading all your descriptions of your particular stitching heaven. I am just so sorry I couldn't grant your wishes, join you or reply to every email as there were so very many.
The lasting impression is that your idea of stitching heaven is a special haven of beauty - inspiring linen and threads, kindred spirits, friends and pets you care deeply about, music, and above all, a step outside of time, beyond time. It is a retreat but not an escape - you have taken care of all your responsibilities and all you ask in return is an earned respite. Although there can only be one winner of the draw for Gertie's book, you all deserve something special and so I have been busy all day charting the little red and white sampler that was the subject of Sunday's jigsaw, and that will be ready as a free download for you all tomorrow night. Thank you for sharing your dreams. And congratulations to Mollie in Charlottesville VA, the winner of this draw.


  1. Congratulations to Mollie!


  2. Congratulations to Mollie and thank you Jackie, for charting up the little red sampler - I have fabric and threads waiting ;-)

  3. Congratulations to Molly!
    Thank you so much for the chart! :D What a sweet gesture!