Monday, 20 June 2011

The 7 Winners of the Dutch Chart Draw Are:

There is a lovely story attached to this little sampler of 1770 which featured in the magazine Handwerken Zonder Grenzen of 2005 (Number 129, page 61), the chart of which (taken from 7 separate magazines) is the give away this week. Trijnie in the Netherlands is the owner of the sampler and when she saw the give away, she emailed me. How wonderful is that! After all these years I am so happy to meet up via the internet with the owner of this sampler. Trijnie says: After a lecture, an elderly lady in the audience offered me the sampler. In return I gave her a little blue plate she liked. I think I saved the sampler because until then she had been using it as a little table-cloth on which she kept a vase - and we all know accidents can happen! Now, I am glad that more ladies can enjoy the sampler from 1770.
Now we shall look at and stitch this sampler thinking of you and this special story you have shared with us. Thank you Trijnie. And without further ado - thank you to everyone who entered the draw - of course you are not simply stitching one project, you have at least 15 on the go! The winners this time are: Sachie in Japan; Barbara in Leesburg VA; Meriem in France; Nancy in Ogden; Mary Jo J; Diana in Swannanoa NC; Celia in San Francisco and they have been emailed. Don't despair if you missed it this time round we have lots of special give aways lined up for you.


  1. Congratulations to the winners and how wonderful that you could talk with the woman who owns the piece.