Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rebecca Jeffcoat Sold Out

It is like saying goodbye to old friends when the limited edition print charts sell out. Now it is time to bid farewell to Rebecca Jeffcoat - though I know she is now in many happy stitchers' homes across the world. We really loved making these charts. However, we are committed to doing better for our environment. Although Needleprint used an environmentally safe print process for all the charts, we couldn't help thinking of all the felled forests and the carbon footprint of all the air miles travelled to cutomers by our charts and that was just not good. We also thought of all our customers and friends who lived many miles from needlework shops and could only enjoy their needlework by shopping on the internet and others who did not enjoy the security of trusted mail services. We also remembered customers who lost their charts amongst other precious belongings in fires, earthquakes and floods - and we replaced wherever we could when such tragedies struck. Now we have a secure download system which means that even if you spill coffee, lose a chart or your computer crashes or dies, you do not lose your Needleprint charts. They will still be there for you, as if in some heavenly cloud! Unfortunately, this new environmentally and customer friendly delivery service was not such good news for our well-loved needlework stores, and we worked hard to find a model that would include them securely in our loop. However, we do believe that the more people who can enjoy stitching, the more people there will be to buy beautiful threads and fabric that never go out of style from their local needlework stores. What is more, shop owners don't have to worry about dusty, dog-eared patterns aging on their stands taking up inventory. So, perhaps our heavenly cloud has a silver lining for shops, also. I do hope so because they have a great place in our hearts - we have the greatest respect for all their hard work and we have always done our best to accommodate them.

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