Saturday 11 June 2011

A Hard Time for Judges at the South of England Show

It was a seriously hard time for judges at the Ardingly South of England Show this year. In the WI tent people were talking about taking their hat home...
or eating their hat.
No wonder the judges seemed to be crumpling under the pressure...and this gentleman was only having to choose between Gloucester Old Spots.
What they needed was a really good cuppa and a cup cake to clear the mind and settle the soul and then all would be well again. But, oh, choices, more choices! The red rosette went to this assemblage of tea set with fairy cakes, home made preserve and embroidered serviette ring.
But there were mutterings and some who thought this display a far more superior confection. Needless to say I kept a very low profile in the flower arranging tent...
and headed for the vegetable displays - I liked this Union Jack of cauliflowers, brocolli and tomatoes and perhaps even Richard will now stop thinking that brassica is a deadly disease.
This was a truly English day out in great style.
And I even got to spend time with my favourite Wensleydale sheep - a bit sad that this lovely girl had had her wonderful knee-length fringe cut so the judges could peer into her eyes - I suppose one has to help the poor dears come to a decision somehow - and before it is time to go home.


  1. What a beautiful sheep! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just love that first hat, what a beautiful creation.
    Also love that sheep, would love his roving;)