Sunday 20 June 2010

Memories of Father's Day 1954

Sundays were special days when I was young. If it was not too rainy, we would escape town and walk out into the clean air of the country, over Baildon or Ilkley Moor - or sometimes to Shipley Glen. There we would perch on rocks and picnic on sandwiches my dad had made long before we were all up - consequently they were just a teeny bit soggy. But he had a hundred inventive ways with a tin of sardines and they were always good. Back home in the evening with appetites inflated by gusts of Yorkshire air, we all looked forward to his Spam or potato fritters (food was just off rationing). And Sundays we were allowed to watch Roy Rogers on the TV - small and black and white, so I never appreciated just how fabulous his costumes were. My dad had just bought me a cowgirl set and so I sat astride the settee arm riding along with Roy and Trigger - probably making a lot of noise!

The Roy Roger's costume are for sale at Christies in New York on 14-15 July.


  1. I got to see Roy Rogers & Dale Evans singing at a rodeo event in 1976, it was wonderful. Thanks for bringing back a good memory.

  2. I loved Roy Rogers. I actually met him once when I lived in New Jersey and was at a Roy Rogers restaurant there. He made a guest appearance. Very nice man!! :-) Thanks for the memories!