Sunday 13 June 2010

2,500 Years Old

Talking of carpets, this example is 2,500 years old: probably the oldest carpet known. It was discovered in southern Siberia in the tomb of a Pazyryk chief.

As always it is the designs that fascinate and horsemen similar to these are seen on antique needlework from Scandinavia to Crete. It is believed that these horsemen are derived from Persian sources, aquired by horse mounted nomads traversing the steppes and coming into contact with distant tribes.

The deer designs are also found on many needlework pieces coming from northern and eastern lands. It is interesting that together with this carpet were found silk and bronze items from the region which is now China.


  1. I cannot quite remember how it was that I discovered your posts, but am delighted to have made that click. What a beautiful place you have created.

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  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I love your blog!