Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Enjoying the Needleprint Free Download Gallery

Just in case you have yet to find the Needleprint free download gallery - here are a few notes to help you. (I am sorry that because we have been very busy it is not totally up to date, but I hope to update it in the next day or so.) First of all scroll down the right hand side of the blog until you see this image underneath the heading NEEDLEPRINT FREE DOWNLOADS and then click on it.
You will then see the tilt gallery - there is more than one page and by clicking on the pink arrow you can navigate forwards and backwards through your choices. Click on a project that interests you to see it in close up. At this stage you can click on the blue background to go back to browsing the choices.
Or you can click on the blue rotary arrow which appears when you look in close-up to flip the image over for more details.
When you see the details on the top of the card you have two choices again - you can click on the blue rotary arrow again to return to the screen of choices and choose again. Or if you would like this download, just click on the words at the bottom which read: Click here for your download. This will then trigger a new window opening for your download. If you have settings to prohibit opening new windows you may have to click on a bar that appears on the top of your screen to allow the opening of this window. And remember - you can download as many items as you like - we create them all just for your delight!


  1. Hi! I love your freebies - especially the wide variety in them - and just checked out the page to see if there were any new ones. I was excited to see there were! So, first, Thank you very much for such lovely pieces!
    Second, though I wanted to let you know that there are technical difficulties with downloading two of the pieces. The Holbein motifs has been saved as a file type ".jgg", which my computer doesn't recognize, so I'm hoping that it's just a typo and should be ".jpg". The other is the Hanukkah Candles - when clicking on the download button, a jpg of the finished pattern comes up, rather than the chart. Hopefully these are minor tech glitches which can be easily fixed. But I did want to let you know as you're working on the page. Thanks again for some lovely free downloads, I'm looking forward to stitching many of them! Best, Carolyn in VA

  2. Thank you so much for telling me you like the freebies, that is just lovely to know. Sometimes for small items we have simply a jpg instead of a full pdf - like the Hannukah candles. The Holbein chart is a special chart for Infinity users and that is why it is in jgg format. Have you heard about the Infinity files? These jgg files are fully editable, you can recolour them, change details, and generate hundreds of your own charts from just a single download. To understand more look at The software to read the Infinity files costs $20 and comes bundled with editable versions of the Beatrix Potter and Mary Wigham samplers ready for you to get creative with right away!

  3. Merci pour les diagrammes gratuits