Thursday 24 June 2010

A Breathtaking Beatrix from Marjo

I love the way you take sampler charts and create your own wonderful and special versions of them, just like the girls who were stitching band samplers in the mid 1600s. They too had 'kits' for want of a better word, and repertoires of standard motifs already designed and sometimes outlined for them, but each girl was so creative that she put her own mark on her work by her very personal interpretation and execution of the design. Marjo's Beatrix Potter sampler is in a class of its own. She worked it on Lakeside Linens Light Exemplar Vintage using The Threadgathers’s Nan’s Mulberry which is a favorite of hers.
All our charts now come with a bonus editable Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer jgg file as standard as there are now so many users of this software. There are other charting software packages around and some of them have all the bells and whistles you could, well, whistle for. But one of my fundamental aims has always been accessibility for all, and not everyone can afford the sort of money some of the other packages cost. We think $20 for the software to come bundled with 2 Quaker charts ready for you to edit right away, is an accessible route to being able to edit your charts. In fact for the price of a single chart you have full design control over all your Needleprint purchases, as well as having straight forward PDF print versions. The charts you create can be read by the more expensive and more versatile Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer Gold, and now Jane has told me, the same charts can be read by her latest software: there is full backward capability. This is not to take you away from, or detract from your own preferred charting software if you have it. But rather it is a very usable and useful adjunct, which with all the libraries of motifs we are creating for it, will provide you many hours of happy, contented designing. For those with Apple computers then we can provide you with the equivalent for MacStitch.

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  1. Yep, I can't breathe...

    That is STUNNING!!!

  2. Marjo - how gorgeous! I love that thread - it just seems to live on the fabric! What a beautiful job!


  3. Marjo's Beatrix is GORGEOUS!!!!

    You do not need to sell ME on the Jane Greenoff design software- I got it as soon as it was available here and LOVE it. Have only "played" so far, not actually re-designed anything, but it is such fun just to see or imagine what a chart could look like as a finished piece. GREAT stuff!!!

  4. Love love love the color choice!!! Very beautiful Beatrix!!

  5. I can't believe how beautiful and lovely your blog is!!!! I really love all your projects!!!Now this site is one of my favs. Congratulations for your talent!!!!

  6. I love your Beatrix Marjo! It`s so pretty in that`s the perfect pink!

    I LOVE the software was invaluable when I changed a band of my Grateful Heart sampler. A few changes and poof, there it was!

  7. F√ČLICITATIONS !!! The mariage of the fabric with this color is perfection.
    It is a real pleasure to look at it and congradulation for adding your soul to it.