Saturday 14 March 2009

JulieBee (my Jubilee!) is Julie Buck who with Becky DeVries Wong is the founder of In The Company of Friends.
This dynamic pair from Seattle work hard to make stitching books and accessories that stitchers love. In the Company of Friends made the pins for Ackworth2006 and the lovely pinkeeps you see here for Ackworth2008.
Julie has just posted a comment and it would be a pity to let it slip under radar. Julie writes:
I love the idea of stitching in our local museum and seeing if it encourages people to do an exhibit - we have a local museum with a lovely collection that never sees the light of day because their mandate is the History and Industry of the Seattle area and none of their samplers is local (it's very hard to find west-coast North American samplers!).I keep thinking we have to find a way to get those samplers seen and appreciated.
I wonder what would have happened if the Elgin Marbles had ended up in Seattle instead of London? Will museums start to play Pokemon amongst themselves until the collections of each museum contain only those items with local provenance?
I wonder what you think? There are certainly a number of things I would like to take issue with here, though my instinct after many hard knocks sustained while taking on such issues is to think of something else. How about seeing if the museum would be willing to loan the samplers out for a temporary exhibition in another building somewhere? Let's see what other people think could be done. Let's see what NeedlePower can do!
I just happen to have a spare Ackworth2008 pin-keep for someone who comes up with a really useful suggestion.

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  1. Hi from "jubilee" again (I do that, too) - Jacqueline, you have a knack for making everyone feel an important part of everything! I love this blog! The Northwest Sampler Guild DID, in fact, borrow some of the samplers from the Museum of History and Industry for the guild exhibit we did at the Nordic Heritage Museum in 2004 - so some have been on an outing once, at least, but others had to stay home. We also had our guild hold one of our monthly meetings there and spent the day helping to identify stitches and motifs, etc. on the samplers for their documentation. That was a very fun day - I'd recommend that to any group!

    In the Company of Friends will add a little "something" to the pot for whoever comes up with that really useful suggestion!