Friday 13 March 2009

Verheggen Penders CD Collection

I am so happy that Erica is here. And I am sure Liliane Grauls is around here somewhere. Come on out Liliane! Erica and Liliane and I go back a quite a while to when we started imaging the Dutch Verheggen-Penders collection. This is a superb collection with many early examples of Dutch samplers including one that is thought to be from 1571! The collection has a fabulous black samplers from Vierlanded and Groningen. Erica and Liliane charted many excerpts on the CDs plus a darling set of 4 English samplers in their entirety. Over 250 images and all the charts are now available as a 2 CD-Rom set direct from Mariette Verheggen Penders and you can easily make payment via Paypal. Or, if you live in the UK contact

1 comment:

  1. Mariƫtte promised us the cd's so Erica and I are looking forward to see them. We can't wait any longer. But Jacqueline, I know for sure they are amazing.