Thursday 26 March 2009

Another School Find at Ipswich Museum

Another piece of the jig-saw came into place today thanks to the release of The Goodhart Samplers. Ipswich Museum has reported a sampler (acc. IPSMG: 1947-33.11) which is a dead ringer for MON/G/094 (page 181) and T1-2000 in the Fitzwilliam Museum. This new find is in lovely condition with fresh colours.
Looking at any of these samplers in isolation one might have thought one was looking at a family home. Now we have 3 exemplars we can say with certainty that we are looking at a school. And there may be others waiting to be found....
This is one of the reasons why Needleprint was set up - to give access to sampler images and so enable research. A good day!

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