Thursday 26 March 2009

Beatrix Potter Stitchalong

Some of you may not know that there is a Beatrix Potter stitchalong happening. The stitchalong is full at at the moment - but you can still stitchalong and pop in to see other stitchers' work in progress. One of the group, Jacqueline, has allowed me to share her work with you. Pop in to see Jacqueline's work when you next have a free moment and say hello to her.
The chart is out of print but you can purchase a pdf version to download.


  1. Jacqueline is my cousin...and is one of the most talented stitchers I know. I try to bloom under her shadow as best I can!!!!
    You have shared some of her beautiful work and her blog is as delightful as she is. Ask her to share pics of her other will be VERY impressed!!! XXX Annelies

  2. I shall do that, Annelies.
    Keep blooming whatever you do!

  3. Annelies, I feel like you, I try to bloom under Erica's shadow as best as I can.
    Jacqueline, I don't forget about the pictures of your works.