Wednesday 29 January 2014

Your 21st Century Sampler Competition - The Royal School of Needlework

To coincide with the Samplers exhibition in the Royal School of Needlework’s Studio the RSN are running a Sampler Design Competition which is open to everyone! The challenge is to design a 21st Century Sampler. There are no limits as to what elements the sampler may or may not contain. Maximum size for the design is 45cm square, but it can be smaller than this and any shape. The winner will get the opportunity to make up their sampler design for the RSN (with some help if required) so that it becomes part of the RSN’s Collection for years to come. Ask your friends and family to get involved, tell your local embroidery and craft groups. Why not get inspiration by visiting the Samplers exhibition which is on from now until 22 July. The tours are held during one week of every month: Open Tours allow individuals and small groups to form a larger collective tour group or, if your group is more than six people, you can visit on a Group Tour. To book click here. The deadline for competition entry is 20 June and your contact is Click here to download the Terms and Conditions and here to download your Entry Form. So, as you’re driving along, bussing it, training it, sitting at your desk, lecturing… get inspired by your 21st century life and surroundings to design (not stitch) your very own sampler which, if you win, will go down in RSN history!

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