Friday 10 January 2014

Four For The Price Of One - 17th Century Stuart Panel For Auction * Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewekerne * 16/17 January 2014

This stunning panel is Lot 1884 for auction on 16/17 January 2014 at Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewekerne. Described as an English 17th century silk embroidered panel worked with the story of King Ahasuerus and Esther it measures 24.5" x 21" (62cms x 53cms). However, there is more to this panel than simply the tale of Esther. Look above and you can see an off-centred panel with a cartouche which appears to be simply attached. Above this strip, there is a more narrow embroidered strip disappearing into the frame. And again, to the left of the potted tulip in the broader strip, also disappearing into the frame, appears to be another addition. These bonus strips could have been taken from or intended for a chest or, perhaps, the borders of a mirror. For more details of this item, click here.

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