Friday 24 January 2014

Knopferlwelt - Button World

I confess that I love Austrian Magazines. They are beautifully produced, have wonderful wholesome recipes and great home-made craft ideas also. Whenever I am in Vienna, I buy up an armful to last me until my next shopping spree. I have been meaning to share this article on hand made buttons for a while - now seems like an excellent time when it is lovely to sit by the fire and work small pretty, colourful things with young relations.

Reading magazines from outside your own country helps you get a better perspective on things. For instance, I had always assumed that Dorset buttons came from and originated in - well, Dorset, of course. Wrong. It seems that lacing rings to make buttons is much more widespread than simply than just a small county in a small country in the middle of the Atlantic.

I think these are so pretty, they just have to be worked en masse - perhaps framed together would be a lovely idea.

Or, as here, perhaps mounted on a silk ribbon to make a special pendant. Below you can see the magazine containing this article. Click here to discover more about Servus magazine.


  1. Hi,
    I bought this magazine (9/2013), but I could not find the article. Is the article in another issue ?
    Greetings, Veronika

  2. Yes, it is on pages 100-104 - hope you can find it now, it's lovely!