Sunday 28 July 2013

Meeting Myself Coming Back - John-Paul Flintoff : Sew Your Own.

A long time ago - perhaps sometime in 2009 - I had an email from a gentleman asking me if I could send him a copy of the Goodhart Samplers to benefit a charity called Kids Company. Since I am great fan of the work of Kids Company, I was happy to let him have the copy he requested. And then I heard nothing more, as sometimes happens. Then out of the blue, a friend called to ask if I had seen this reference to me in a book. What book? I had no idea. And here it is - in a book written by John-Paul Flintoff - the man who had begged the Goodhart Samplers. Life has many such surprising and happy moments when you meet yourself coming back. Hiya Jean-Paul!


  1. I'm so happy for you Jacqueline!
    I'll check out that book, it sounds terribly interesting..
    happy xxx,