Saturday 20 July 2013

Janet Bolton @ West Dean College * Hand Stitched Fabric Pictures * 13-16 September 2013

The well-loved Janet Bolton is back at West Dean College near Chichester, UK in September with a long-weekend course. Having participated in her classes I can certainly recommend this course. Janet is a great source of inspiration and warmth and practical teaching.

The course runs at the wonderful West Dean College (near Chichester, UK) for the weekend 13 - 16 September 2013. The fee is £286 with 5% reduction for on-line bookings. Click here for more details and to book.


  1. Janet Bolton is such a fine talent. I'm lucky to have met her way back in that last century in a fine collection of UK designers...think it was in the Kensington Town Hall.

    Since then I've enjoyed seeing Ms Bolton's career and talents expand, think that we might have met another time somewhere in London since then.

    If I lived on the other side of the Pond, I would love to be attend this West Dean session. Unfortunately for me, I must only hope to have another opportunity, another time. Meanwhile I would like to say that I do like the way that Janet Bolton has found a way to remain unique in her textile collage art. She might have many disciples, but she is the true leader.


  2. Hi Frances,
    Janet will be teaching in Santa Fe in September 2016.
    See www.womanwithaneedle for more details!