Friday 26 July 2013

A Royal Arrival * Historical Royal Baby Clothes Exhibition @ Museum of London * Until October 2013

If you are going to be in London this summer, don't miss out this special exhibition commemorating the arrival of our new Prince George Alexander Louis, son of William and Catherine. See a cap worn by Charles I, a fine cotton vest and lace mitten worn by George III, a nursing apron thought to be worn by Queen Victoria and a selection of shoes and tiny booties worn by Queen Victoria’s children Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice and Prince Leopold.

The slipper below, beautifully embroidered with little rosebuds, was actually made by Queen Victoria herself for her daughter Princess Alice. Click here for more details of the exhibition.
This video will show you some of the lovely embroidered items if you cannot visit the exhibition yourself.


  1. Thank you for showing us some of the items for the exhibition. What an exciting time, how proud to be a Brit. So happy for the couple and child.

  2. Wonderful, I am so amazed when I see the clothing and textiles of so long ago.

  3. Wonderful to see those beautifully embroidered children's clothes, thank you! Wish I was there to see them.

  4. Absolutely stunning ! Thanks for sharing!