Wednesday 14 December 2011

Last Minute Lizzie!

Last Minute Lizzie was a name given to me by my mother as I was always dashing about filling my satchel for school. One day I was so pressed for time, running for the bus, that I didn't chase after my beret which blew away, fearing the chastisement of being late much more than the lines I would get from a prefect for being beretless. This was a beret with a name-tape dutifully sewn inside by my mother. And it was to my mother that the beret was returned by a policeman, saying he had found it in the middle of the road. If she had simply phoned school instead of every hospital, mortuary and crematorium in town, my homecoming would have produced considerably less hysteria.
But she was my mum and she cared and worried for us when we were too innocent to worry for ourselves and she worked late at night stitching us special gifts for Christmas. One year she gave me a gift resembling the one above which you can now buy from Boots and I was so thrilled. There began one strand at least of my long attachment to needle and thread. But I can't stop, I'm dashing around still, Last Minute Lizzie as ever looking for nice Christmas gifts. This is Boots Sew Sweet Sewing Set which sells at £8
This is also by Boots - what a delight for a young person to get them started on the true passion of stitching. Just click the images for more information.
Knitting needles and a ball of wool were gifts to us from mum when we were recovering from childhood ailments, those listless days of low fever when time passed so slowly - we were always so glad of these pick me ups. This is a Boots kit, prettily packaged for a young knitter and includes everything they need, including yarn, pre-cut felt pieces, and needle to make a little puppy.
I am a great fan of Emma Bridgewater designs and her Sampler fabrics hit the spot for me.
Particularly this Christmas version which combines Joy and Mince Pies - how very true! Again click on the images for more information.
And here you see my Last Minute Lizzie Christmas Gift Making. Yes, I bought the plates and the joins, and the glass drill bits to go in the drill - and the ear defenders(you do need them as porcelain rings when drilled!)- and goggles and a dust mask. Twenty minutes. 20 minutes. This is the continuous time taken to drill one single hole through a standard plate. Not many people know that! I now have a deep regard for porcelain. But I must get along now - otherwise I shall truly be a Last Minute Lizzie again.

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  1. Wow! Good old Boots! I wouldn't have expected to find such cute sewing kits there!
    I love the Emma Bridgewater!