Wednesday 21 December 2011

Hampshire Museums Service Has Embroidered Bags On-Line

Hampshire Museums Service has their delightful bag and purse collection on line for you to search. Here are just a few stunning examples for you to enjoy. This example is from the 1830s-1840s and is wool on canvas. All the edges are piped with pale pink and white cord, with matching cord handles having two ornate gilt or pinchbeck trims shaped as thistles. It is trimmed with large pink and white chenille tassels. Sizewise it is about 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep (approx. 15cm x 11cm).
This is a lovely example from between 1750 - 1790. Envelope style it is made from stiffened, figured white silk embroidered on both sides with twined ribbons, flowers, butterfly, basket of flowers, flowering tree and bird. It too measures about 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep (approx. 16cm x 11cm).
Another later reticule from 1830 - 1845, this is embroidered on white moire silk with sprays of foliage and flowers and has some ribbon work detail. It is slightly bigger and measures about 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep (approx. 20cm x 19cm).
Finally from 1900-1930 is this white cotton drawstring bag embroidered on both surfaces with Indian style floral design in white silk. It measures about 6 inches wide and 5 inches deep (approx. 16cm x 18cm). To look for yourself, just click here.

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