Saturday 30 May 2009

Mary Wigham - probably the World's biggest SAL!

I cannot believe the overwhelming response to this stitchalong - it could be a record! Thank you so much! So we can make sure everyone knows what is happening and to ease gathering of images for the SAL gallery we have elected Head Girls in the following language communities so far:
Australia - Janine Smith
Canada - Paula Sibbald
Italian - Giovanna Stirpe
German - Nicole Degen
Dutch speaking - Liliane Grauls
Spanish - Mayte Burmudez-Garcia
Portuguese - Cristina
French - Paule Motton
Japanese - Saho Nagi
Lithuanian - Vaida
UK - Hazel Henry
Chinese - Frieda Huang
Asia (not Japan) - Barbara Jack
USA - Shari Breske
There will be more details of how things will work in your first download installment on Monday. There is no deadline for joining - you will be able to join at any time.

Just to remind you - we are expecting to have the first installment of the Mary Wigham International SAL ready for you to download about this time on Monday. Anyone can download and it is FREE. We hope that you will give a small donation each time you download - there will be a PayPal Donate button for you when you make your download. All your money goes direct to the Ackworth School Samplers fund. Your money will ensure that Mary is always looked after. I am thrilled by all your kindness.
Together we can ensure Mary is always looked after - you, me and us.


  1. I am just so glad to be involved...I was gobsmacked to learn this sampler had been reproduced illegally, and I am really excited about stitching it. I wish I could make a huge donation, but unfortunately, it will have to be small for now. I am trying to make up for not being able to contribute a lot of money by spreading the word on my blog and the forums I frequent. I have been blathering about it to anyone who wil;l listen! Having fun stitching and helping to preserve needlework for the doesn`t get much better than this!

  2. I'll be there with bells on! I'm so glad you'll have a paypal button for the donation -- I love paypal! :D

  3. This is so exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this journey to work with other beautiful ladies on a glorious sampler. Kerry

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this SAL. Indeed we can ensure the future of the samplers with our donation.It is wonderful getting the DMC numbers. Kerry

  5. Thank you so much for this SAL, but i have two questions, Must i make a donation to download the patterns? Must i follow the head-girl to stitch this quaker?
    So sorry about my english, Im from Spain :-)

  6. You don't have to make a donation to download the patterns - the patterns are free. We are simply hoping stitchers will be able to make a donation to help with conservation and future care.
    You can stitch by yourself or with friends, but Mayte is there to provide Spanish speakers with help when they cannot understand my English. Sometimes English speakers cannot understand my English!

  7. I would like to join this SAL - this is the 1st time I have done this so is there anything special I need to do - Mary

  8. Me too I would like to join this sal What I do Doing ?

  9. I can hardly wait for the first down load. I still need to get the threads and fabric but that comes tomorrow. I can't decide whether to use all the colors or just one.

    I'll probaly make one donation with the first down load.

    Jan R

  10. I posted earlier, but it seems like I have pushed the wrong button...
    I'll go for antique white linen 25 or 28 count (my eyes don't go for less, even under a magnifying lamp). As to the threads I ordered Victorian Clayton silks. Looking forward to have them and begin this SAL, though I have my beautiful Beatrix Potter and in the middle of a RR. With the loads of work I have, I must be crazy LOL.

  11. Me too, Cristina, quite crazy! I have the DMC threads and am going to buy the fabric after I've had a cup of tea!

  12. I'm so excited for this SAL to finally get myself to try stitching on linen. I just ordered Wichelt Lambswool Linen for it, but I'm thinking of doing it monochrome with DMC 930 (maybe with 931 & 932 for variety).

  13. Oooh, I just heard about this SAL. I can't start stitching on it right now, but I definitely hope to join in soon. I'm looking forward to it as I love so many of the Ackworth samplers. :)

  14. My first comment is not posted so I try again...

    A friend of mine told me about this great SAL. I cann't wait to see the first patern forward.

    Kindly regards,
    The Netherlands

  15. hello.
    wonderful these design.
    i´m excited to stich it.

  16. Wonderful!
    Thank you very much for the oppotunity to join SAL.
    I'm so excited.

  17. what a wonderful sal , I'm joining in ! when you need someone who speaks dutch ...I'm available

  18. There doesn't seem to be anyone in the United States who wants to be a leader. Does that mean I can't join? Or do I go through the UK leader?

  19. We now have a Head Girl for the USA - we thought there may be too many for Hazel in the UK to liaise with, so we are dividing up the English speaking communities.
    But you do not need to have a country leader to join. If there is no one, just tell me you are going to be a self appointed Head Girl for your particular community and email me with your dertails so that I can help you.

  20. Oh I would love to get in on this SAL! Where will we find the download of the chart at? Do I need to contact my leader for my area to get involved? Thanks!


  21. Hi to all, if there are any Portuguese speakers around, please, direct yourselves to I'll be there to greet you and will do my best to help you in anyways possible.
    Thank you

  22. Oh my, what a wonderful opportunity for an SAL. I will definitely stitch this great design and will go and make my donation right away.
    Unfortunately the German Head Girl's link is not clickable?

  23. Thank you very much for making the link clickable!

  24. What a beautiful pattern! I have started stitching already. Thank you for sharing this.
    Unfortunately the link to the Dutch Head girl is not clickable too.

  25. Thank you very much for this beautiful Sal.

    Marion from Austria

  26. Thank you for this site and the beautiful SAL.